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sound expertise: the podcast!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the newsletter output has…slowed a bit. I’ve got a good excuse! His name is Ira, and he’s adorable. I won’t be sharing photos publicly besides this announcement, so drink it in. He’s 2.5 weeks old now and has only gotten cuter. Georgia likes to lick him.

But I have returned, very briefly, to Industry not to announce my son — I’m sure he’ll have his own newsletter soon enough — but to announce my podcast!

Sound Expertise launched yesterday, and you can listen to our first episode right here:


In each episode of Sound Expertise, I’ll be doing a longform interview with a music scholar about their research. Show notes are over at soundexpertise.org — I’m incredibly grateful to my amazing producer D. Edward Davis for making our podcast sound amazing (and for composing the very catchy theme music). I’ll write more in the future about the hows and whys of Sound Expertise, but for now I’m just getting the word out. Season 1 will be a weekly series of ten episodes, so stay tuned for more to come — next Tuesday I’ll be talking about white supremacy and music school curricula with Loren Kajikawa.

I’d really, really appreciate it if you listen, subscribe, tell your friends, assign to students, and just generally spread the word! (Subscribe via Apple PodcastsStitcher, and/or Spotify) Email me or tweet at me (@seatedovation) to tell me what you think! This is very much a DIY affair so I’m going to be pretty ruthless about doing my own PR.

More soon!

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